Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Okay...recent posts have gotten a little heavy, so here's my inner sci-fi nerd expressing himself. Last week I got my tickets to opening night (errr, morning -- 12:01 am) for the new Star Wars movie. Frankly, I don't care if critics think it sucks and I don't care if the uber-geeks don't like it. I was introduced to Star Wars...well I don't remember when, it's just always been part of my life. I do remember seeing Empire Strikes Back at a drive-in. My dad has always been a Star Wars/Star Trek/Planet of the Apes fan and so he introduced me to the genre shortly after I learned to walk! Anyway, here's the deal. I love Star Wars. I don't care if it's not realistic and if the dialogue is weak and if there are some minor holes in the plot. What I want to say to some people, is "CHILL OUT! Sit back, relax, and enjoy it for what it is! It's not the answer to the world's problems, it's not trying to get an Academy Award for best acting." So to all my fellow nerds, who will be standing in line to get good seats...enjoy, and don't over-think it! ps...Jennifer and I have tickets to the 12:01 showing at The Rave, in auditorium 17, if those of you in the Peoria-area want to join us!


Adam said...

well what we have here (Episode III) is the culmination of million sof peoples lives who when they first saw stars wars iv a new hope they became completely infatuated with the movies.

episode iii marks the end of their lives unless George Lucas decides to either add or remake to the originals. so i think with this closing of an era is only going to be left with criticism if the movie is short of the most amazing visual and auditory thing for our senses.

i should also note...i haven't seen all of the star wars movies...i have seen bits and pieces but i have never sat down and watched the whole thing.

Colorado Guido said...

Well, this is mainly for charlie. I've read the book ahead of time, and I know, I know, your all thinking, "how could he possibly spoil the movie for himself?" Honestly, I love it. The book enhances the movie experience. so charlie, I look forward to discussing in detail the events of episode iii. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Anakin turns to Darth Vader. I'm sorry, but it happens. It was actually a sorry turn of events. He gets played between the jedi counsel and palpatine and doesn't even see his vaderness coming. Well, maybe a little. \

I've read the books before episodes, i, ii, and iii, and here's what I think. In i I thought, "this movie will have some cool looking scenes." And there were. In ii I thought, "there are going to be some really boring love scenes." and there were. for this movie I say 1)it is really sad and 2) this is going to be one sweet movie. Let's see if I'm right

ckd said...

Truth be told, I looked through a storybook and have a good idea of the plot (it felt a little dirty)...but I'm pumped!

I was just remembering that I borrowed the book for Ep. 1 from you!

Also, congrats on knocking up your wife!