Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Peoria Fire Dogs

Last night, due to the generosity of someone in our small group (thanks!), we got to go to the Peoria Chiefs home opener at O'Brien field. I'm amused by our highly PC culture and the fact that the Chiefs changed their mascot this year to a Dalmation (named Lucy, I think), dressed in a Fire Chief's uniform. Henceforth, I may refer to them as the Peoria Fire Dogs. I think that "Firedogs" is a great name for a minor league baseball team. (Last night the Firedogs were playing the Clinton Lumberkings...really? the kings of lumber? I didn't know there was such a position or I may have aspired to be the king of lumber myself!) I don't know if it's an age thing or what, but I love going to the ballpark, even if it's only single-A ball. There's something about just sitting there relaxing, usually not really caring who wins that is so refreshing. (Of course if I had paid big money and traveled to Chicago to watch the real Cubs play, I'd be all stressed out about them winning). It's also great to go with friends that you really enjoy being with (despite the fact that by the time we left in the top of the 9th, it was 46 degrees and the flags in center field were blowing straight out.

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