Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Artistry of Mr. Maddux

If you're a Cubs fan, or even just a fan of baseball, check of George Will's article in the April 25, 2005 issue of Newsweek. It's about how, even though baseball has been tainted in recent year by the steroid abuse scandals, Greg Maddux, as a pitcher, has been up some spectacular numbers. Here's my favorite part of the article: "And the key to his [Maddux] success has been less the speed of his arm than that of his mind...Leading 8-0 in a regular-season game against the Astors, Maddux threw what he said he would never throw to Jeff Bagwell -- a fastball in. Bagwell did what Maddux wanted him to do: he homered. so two weeks later, when Maddux was facing Bagwell in a close game, Bagwell was looking for a fastball in, and Maddux fanned him on a change-up away." I love the idea of living to fight another day...great article!


ryan said...

i've never heard Maddux and fastball used in the same sentance.

lucky_boy said...

We must pick our battles. One defeat does not lose the war.