Thursday, March 17, 2005

Saint Patrick's Day

I had scheduled a lunch with a former student of mine, who is now a student at Bradley U. for monday. Since I was sick, we moved the meeting to today. We have a mutual love for Monte Cristo sandwiches (I like to refer to it as a hunk of fried heaven with raspberry jam), so we decided to meet at Bennigan's in downtown Peoria because they serve up a good Monte Cristo. I forgot that today is St. Patrick's Day and that there is a huge parade downtown and a big party in the Holiday Inn...but everything was cool, once we found places to park (I only had to walk 3 or 4 blocks...I think he walked 6 or 7). So the cool part of all this, is that just as we were finishing up with our lunches and conversation, a group of bagpipers came into the restaurant, which was really cool, except that 10 bagpipers w/ a percussion accompaniment, tends to leave one's ears ringing hours later! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you Irish folk...and from those who aren't, we'll make sure we hoist a (insert favorite Irish beer here) in your honor tonight!

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Anonymous said...

The Guido and Cheetoh hoisted several Guinness in your honor at Vinny's in Morrison!

Go Broncos!