Tuesday, March 29, 2005

New Links Section

I'm slowly but surely learning how to make this blog more functional, which has required a little bit of HTML learning, but I seem to be getting it! Anyway, I've added a "Links" section that has links to some of the sites that I frequent frequently. (I think this is a textbook case of being redundant but I thought it funny, so it stands!) Anyway, some explanation... Tim Keel was a guy I didn't know very well in Seminary (he was finishing his last year, as I was starting my first)...but he's my blog model...he's insightful, and blogs frequently. Rob Wondergem was my next-door-neighbor at seminary. Check out his blog for hilarious news of his softball team (they're not very good, but they're getting better!). Dave Matthews Band Website -- Duh! Nexus -- the ministry at Northwoods Community Church that I'm responsible for...please don't judge us by our website (we're working on it)! I'll add other links as I deem necessary! Next addition for my blog...my lists of favorite books, DVD's and CD's

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