Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Lincoln Brewster Fan

Last weekend our church had Lincoln Brewster come for a concert. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't excited about him wasn't that I disliked him or anything, but the CD's that I had heard were pretty vanilla, and I was expecting the usual lame Christian music.But Lincoln surprised me! He is a fabulous guitar player! Apparently about ten years ago when Steve Perry from Journey did his solo CD, Lincoln had a big part in writing/playing/producing. So I left the concert Friday night pretty pumped up and excited...I probably won't buy his CD's though, unless he releases something live that has a lot of his improvisations on guitar!PS...does anyone know anything about Rufus Wainwright? Lincoln did a song written by Rufus Wainwright called "Hallelujah" that I really dig (it was also on the Shrek soundtrack).

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